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[Download] JavaScript Simplified – Beginner & Advanced Course Free Download – Google Drive Links

JavaScript Simplified – Beginner & Advanced Course​ Free×1000 271 KB

Learn how to think like a developer and build any project you can dream of by taking action instead of just following along with tutorials.

Beginner Course

A complete video course with over 13 hours of content spread across 74 videos and 10 modules.

This course covers every single important JavaScript concept that you need to understand in order to become a JavaScript developer and it shows you how to connect them.

This can take you from literally no programming experience all the way to a proficient JavaScript developer. Even if you already have JavaScript knowledge, this course is perfect for helping you connect all the pieces together.

Download Link 

Description Key:- 59Sl_gG5Py_lrTw-vqjTVA

Advanced Course

Once you become a proficient JavaScript developer then it is time to start diving into the advanced JavaScript ecosystem.

This course will take you from junior to mid-level developer with just under 14 hours of content spread across 65 videos and 9 modules.

This course covers not only advanced JavaScript features, but more importantly covers concepts like security, testing, and how to write clean code.

The skills in this course will set you apart from all other job applicants as most developers never learn any of these concepts until after landing their first job. I personally didn’t even know what 90% of the concepts in this course were when I landed my first job and was forced to learn them on the job.

Download Link 

Description Key:- kw3kkOc0EoXtdgqG5dPkRg[Download] JavaScript Simplified – Beginner & Advanced Course Free Download – Google Drive Links

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