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These are all premium quality (Self-checked all) Lectures.
*Now as we all know, The Problem we all are facing, The CORONAVIRUS, *
*so in these bad times, many students are not getting the proper education, *
so here is a Lil effort towards making the JEE Aspirant’s lives Easier.
Start Reaching towards your goal by making small efforts starting here.So my advice on How to watch and learn these Lectures –
1- Daily watch AT-LEAST 1 lecture of each Subject
2- Make Fair Notes of all the lectures u watch and get a step closer to your IIT Dream!!!I bet you can’t find more like these. (Pssst… If u do PLEASE SHARE TO HELP EVERYONE IN NEED!!!)
These are, the all-time best lectures (Etoos Education Lectures From Paid Courses) Anyone can find on the Goddamn INTERNET!!!Here we GOOOOOO-

More Lectures Added Here – 


1.NV Sir Complete Physics – Link

2.NM Sir Complete Physics – Link

3.AJN Sir Complete Physics(Pt.1) – Link

4.AJN Sir Complete Physics(Pt.2) – Link

5.NKC Sir (OLD) Complete Physics – Link
6.NKC Sir Complete Physics (NEW) Pt.1 – Link
7.NKC Sir Complete Physics (NEW) Pt.2 – Link
8.Rapid Crash Course of Physics 2020 by ANU Sir – Link


1.GB Sir Complete Mathematics(Pt.1) – Link2.GB Sir Complete Mathematics(Pt.2) – Link
3.GB Sir Rapid Revision Complete Mathematics – Link4.MC Sir Rankbooster Complete Mathematics – Link5.GB Sir Problem Solving Complete Mathematics- Link6.Rapid Crash Course of Mathematics for JEE Main 2020 by GB Sir – Link7. Class12 Complete Trignometry (GB Sir) – Link
8. Class12 Complete Straight Lines (GB Sir) – Link
9. GB Sir Latest Complete Mathematics – Link


Physical&Inorganic Chem.-

1.PS Sir Complete Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – Link
2.JH Sir Complete(Pt.1) Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – Link
3.JH Sir Complete(Pt.2) Physical&Inorganic Chemistry – Link
4.Rapid Crash Course of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry 2020 by PS Sir – Link

Organic Chem.-

1.NJ Sir(OLD) Complete Organic Chemistry – Link

2.Nj Sir(New) Complete Organic Chemistry – Link

3.DT Sir Complete Organic Chemistry – Link

4.Rapid Crash Course of Organic Chem. for JEE Main 2020 – Link

5.RRD Sir ORGANIC – Link 6.VKP Sir ORGANIC – Link
7. Some working links I found –

Books Collections-

1.Physics – Link2.Chemistry – Link

If U r thinking how I got these –
I searched and sorted and uploaded and collected a lot of content through the internet, Then finally In one whole day, I sorted it all into many mega accounts, Which I made on that day.One more thing, While I was collecting all of this, there are too many short link sites and reCAPTCHAs and many-many ads, so If u ask me, u just need 3 Extensions to help u out with all that Crap, these helped me do it quickly, So here u Go

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