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[Download] How To Use Trading View Charting Platform Like A Pro Free Download – Google Drive Links

[Download] How To Use Trading View Charting Platform Like A Pro Free Download – Google Drive Links

How To Use Trading View Charting Platform Like A Pro Download For Free.


Learn to use Tradingview for Stock Options Trading, Technical Analysis Cryptocurrency, Forex & ETF charting and analysis

What you’ll learn

  • Learners will be comfortable using Tradingview and will be able to use most of its features with ease for their daily trading needs.


  • This course is for beginners who want to learn how to use charting tools like Tradingvew for trading stocks, cryptocurrency or forex. There are no pre-requisites.


Tradingview is the industry standard platform for charting and TA. It is one of the world’s most advanced charting tool.

The best part is you can use Tradingview for Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Forex and ETFs and that is wonderful; just to have one platform for all your charting needs.

Need For This Course

Millions of people are learning trading each day and all need to use a charting platform. Many are hunting for a reliable charting platform that is easy to use, flexible has a great UI and is Free.

Tradingview answers all and more of that beautifully.

This course starts with basics and covers most aspects needed for daily charting, including some of the advanced features Tradingview provides. This course is great for a beginner or someone struggling to understand what is the meaning of different icons and how to use Tradingview easily.

A great charting platform takes the worry out and helps the trader to focus on generating profit.

Who this course is for:

  • Any trader who wishes to learn, how to use charting tool, here we are taking Tradingview as an example to learn this.


Kamlesh Rajpal
Natural Teacher Life & Business Coach Stock Trading Trainer

Kamlesh Rajpal (aka Raj), a natural teacher, loves to coach and nurture people. He enjoys sharing his vast knowledge in areas of IT & Financial investments. Raj believes, that not sharing one’s knowledge is the biggest mistake most people make.

Raj has a knack to explain a very complicated topic in an extremely easy to understand language and uses examples that help his students remember the subject for long.

You will find his easy going teaching style engaging and his vast in-depth knowledge on many subjects will help you clearly understand the why and how of whatever he teaches.

Raj has 18 years of IT industry experience and has been running an education business in Singapore for more than a decade now. Raj has 10+ years of trading experience.

Today Raj spends most of his time coaching / training people in Stock & Options trading as he believes this solves financial problems people face in life and he also believes trading and finance are essential life skills.

In the past Raj has been an IT veteran who worked with MNC’s managing their data center’s and infrastructure. Raj has been trading for more than 10 years in stock market and for past few years trading Bitcoin / Altcoins.

He first started his own business in 2004 part time, while he was still holding a full time job. Due to him juggling business and job, he learnt and became a fan of Productivity tools, that would allow him to work faster and do more with less effort.

He is a Tech enthusiast and loves Linux operating system and has been using Linux for both personal and professional work for last 18 years. He call’s it his second wife.

Raj picked up Online marketing skills, while trying to grow his business in Singapore. Having fallen in love with the results, he decided to master SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing and today helps many other SME owners improve their customer acquisition.

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