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Download How to Speak Effectively Course by Ankur Warikoo for Free Download – Google Drive Links

How to Speak Effectively

Download How to Speak Effectively Course by Ankur Warikoo for Free 

A practical, predictable, tried, and tested method for attracting people’s respect and attention to you EVERY SINGLE TIME without the fear of Public Speaking

  • Short circuit your effective public speaking journey from 22 years to 60 minutes in a structured step-by-step approach.
  • Use verified tactics, methods, and confidence hacks

What will you take away from this Masterclass?

  • Proven/ Structured Methods for Public Speaking to save you years of wrong practice, embarrassment, and missed opportunities
  • Storytelling Techniques with Clarity and Emotion for engaging and connecting with your audience, clients, customers, and colleagues
  • Find out What to say and How to say it with mind-reading techniques for your varying audience
  • How to make people say ‘YES’ to your Ideas/ Offer so that your suggestions and opinions Receive and Give value to others
  • How to get your mindset and thinking in order so that you don’t confuse yourself and forget what to say
  • Conducting yourself with correct Body Language in a professional and authoritative manner

Meet Instructor – Ankur Warikoo

My name is Ankur Warikoo, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a public speaker, entrepreneur, angel investor, and mentor. 19, Groupon India, 25, and 36 are just a few of the companies I’ve developed in the previous 22 years. And, along the way, I’ve raised more than $40 million and sold for more than $100 million. I am a content creator with over 2 million followers on social media, a fitness enthusiast, and a meditation evangelist, in addition to being an entrepreneur.

Above all, however, I enjoy public speaking. I’ve given talks at TEDx Talks, Josh Talks, worldwide conferences, and companies like PepsiCo, Schindler, Deloitte, Intel, Airtel, Adobe, and Hyatt, to mention a few. And I credit a lot of my success in life to my ability to speak in public and effectively.

Was I, on the other hand, born with a natural gift for public speaking?


In fact, as a child, I was scared of performing on stage. To this day, most audiences who hear me say, “one of the best speakers we have heard from,” are quite complimentary. I can hold an audience’s attention for up to 3 hours using a combination of comedy, my personal experiences, and plenty of anecdotes.

But I didn’t have any direction or organisation when I first started. I made numerous errors, missed numerous opportunities, and embarrassed myself. And now that I’ve established a structure and technique that you’ll learn about in the Masterclass, I want to make sure that you overcome your fear of public speaking as soon as possible


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