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Download Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr for Free Download – Google Drive Links

Download Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr for Free Download – Google Drive Links

Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr

This course is highly recommended for the absolute beginner freelancer. Those who have skills but want to start making money online with it. Kichigin’s advice on

Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr

Hustle With Fiverr is a freelancing course by Vasily Kichigin. The course teaches you how to use Fiverr to its maximum potential. Kichigin, the course creator, claims he can help you grow your Fiverr account “up to a million dollars”. The course also claims to show you how to turn your freelancing into a long term sustainable business, rather than just a side hustle.
Freelance Hustle Intro Freelance Hustle teaches students how to maximize freelancing profits.
About Vasily Kichigin

Vasily Kichigin is a social media entrepreneur who started his journey in 2015 on Fiverr, while still in college. After some trial and error, he discovered his knack for social media. In 2 years, he went from being a new freelancer to being a top rated seller on the platform. He was able to convert his solo side hustle into a profitable business. Now he leads a team of employees and has finished over 19,000 jobs on the Fiverr platform. He’s transitioned from a freelancer worker, to full time gigs, to now teaching other freelancers.
Freelance Hustle Vasily Kichigin
The course creator, Vasily Kichigin, is highly established amongst the freelancing community.
Freelance Hustle’s Pricing

The course is priced differently based on the outlet where you purchase it from. Kichigin has since retired the course, and focuses more on consulting with freelancers. As such, there are multiple outlets selling his course. You should search around to get the best deal. Typical prices range from $XMR course gets you access to a private Facebook group where you can network and ask your questions to other like minded freelancers.
Freelance Hustle Online Vasily’s course is no longer offered through his website, as he focuses more on consulting and other ventures.

The refund policy is well defined. It is not generous but at least you know what you are getting into when you buy the course. Refunds given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior, and has viewed less than 20% of the course. Whether or not they’ve clicked on the complete and continue button, makes no difference. Keep in mind, I’m going off of what’s legally stated, not experience.
Freelance Hustle’s Curriculum

The course is split into 3 sections with further subsections within them. The first section is all about getting started with Fiverr. The second section talks about marketing your gigs and increasing your sales. The third and final section has tips on how to triple your sales.
Freelance Hustle Course Overview An inside look at the course overview for it’s first module.
Getting Started On Fiverr

Get immediately download Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr
Here, Vasily takes you through the ins and outs of building a Fiverr profile from scratch. He heavily emphasizes for new freelancers to consider picking the skills that they are the most comfortable with. Essentially, you have to play to your strengths. He teaches you to check whether your skills have the potential to make money by checking what other freelancers are offering with the same skill set. If there is competition in a niche, it is a good place to start. A lot of gigs for a niche means that the niche is generating revenue. He goes on to help you find gigs tangential to your skill set based on Fiverr search. Once you decide on a gig, he asks you to focus on it and do it well.
Freelance Hustle Getting Started Kichigin explaining the basics of getting started as a freelancer.

This is very good advice, and from the first module itself, Kichigin is proving to give sound advice, rather than just technical tutorials.

In the other sections, he talks about the importance of building yourself as a personal brand; creating an awesome seller profile, profile pictures, videos, etc. You have to make sure you select an SEO friendly title, pick the correct tags to use for the gig, write a compelling description, communicating delivery times and pricing clearly, adding a FAQ and more. Then he goes over tips to improving existing gigs that some people may have trouble with. He devotes quite some time to the power of recurring gigs. Kichigin explains that recurring gigs are the golden goose that are going to help you build a long term business, rather than just a few gigs.

He makes a key distinction that you should never copy paste descriptions from other sellers. Kichigin instead offers a strategy to get your first clients and reviews when you are getting started. He goes over this in detail because this is going to be the hardest part for any new freelancer. His strategy explains how to get the “social proof” needed to give your account some momentum.
Increasing Your Sales

This section is longer, and is split into three subsections
Getting more clients

In the first subsection, Vasily gets into the different strategies to optimize your gigs to drive more traffic to them and get more sales. To prove his experience, he shows the actual analytics from his Fiverr dashboard. He analyzes the click through rate and suggests tips to increase it by going over your profile’s pricing packages, FAQ section, and media. He even explains his A/B testing efforts for finding the perfect image that resonates with clients, something quite advanced. Kichigin then talks about the cross promotion that he does between his Fiverr account and Youtube channel, while also touchings on the “Bring Your Own Business”s initiative by Fiverr. Mainly, he talks about the importance of starting your own personal website to showcase your portfolio and how to find clients outside of Fiverr. There is a very important video in this subsection where he shows you how to spy on your competitors and steal their traffic. He finally talks about using Instagram, Youtube and Quora for marketing your business and generating leads.
Freelance Hustle Analytics Kichigin going over the importance of understanding analytics.

This section is very important, and contains a lot of very good information.
Managing Work

In the next subsection, he talks about project management. Managing orders is more vial then pursuing new ones. Once you start driving traffic, if you don’t fulfil the orders, you are going to get negative reviews and lose possible recurring clients. He talks about Trello, Google Sheets and other Fiverr tools that you can use to better manage your tasks. Overall, it’s a large section on time management and organization, which is something every freelancer needs, but not many course creators go over.
Customer Support

Advice is slightly outdated
Not supported by Kichigin anymore

DOWNLOAD HERE Download Freelance Hustle – Hustle With Fiverr for Free Download – Google Drive Links

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