[Download] [DEMOSTICA] Realistic Portrait with Graphite Pencil Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Learn the basics and technique to create realistic anatomical drawings

Diego Catalán – a painter and expert cartoonist in artistic anatomy – is passionate about realism and fantastic aesthetics and horror. From this eclectic mix and the inspiration found in classical masters, his incredible portraits emerge. Catalán carries out his works with different techniques, but it is in the graphite that he finds the most expressiveness, since it allows him to work with maximum detail, understanding the light and the structure of the human anatomy.

What is this course’s project?

You will make a realistic drawing with graphite pencil from the photograph of a real model.

Who is it for?

Illustrators, cartoonists, designers and anyone interested in learning to make realistic drawings with graphite pencil.

What you need

Basic drawing knowledge is necessary. With regard to materials, it is essential that you have pencil and paper; It is also recommended that you have an easel or a table, pencils of different hardness, eraser, a stick and a mirror.

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[Download] [DEMOSTICA] Realistic Portrait with Graphite Pencil Free Download – Google Drive Links

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