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[Download] Day Trading And Swing Trading Futures With Price Action Free Download – Google Drive Links

Day Trading And Swing Trading Futures With Price Action Udemy Free Download, Reduce risk day trading or swing trading futures and gain unlimited confidence using price action.


What you’ll learn

  • How to acquire the skills to achieve higher levels of trading mastery.
  • How to improve your Risk and Money Management Plan.


  • Students should know about Microsoft Excel, Law of Supply and Demand and Candlestick Charting.



A trading plan applicable to futures, stocks, forex, or any financial instrument.

The truth is no one knows how far the market will go up or down. No trader has ever had complete clarity about the path markets will take over the short-to-intermediate-term. There are far too many variables at play to know what will happen with anything approaching certainty when it comes to market psychology. This is extremely important that you internalize it so that you can positively advance in the process of making profits playing in the financial markets. I hope you accept and agree with that. Let´s move forward.

In this course, I am going to talk about day trading in a short time frame and I am also going to compare it with swing trading in a longer time frame. All this with the intention that you can compare them and understand the key details of trading on these time frames.

Trading the market has a story. There are two emotions at play when trading the markets; “FEAR and GREED”. Fear and greed are emotions that powerfully influence a trader’s mind. But especially fear is a feeling that becomes an impenetrable barrier for many people who have been bitten by the markets. I this course I will help you to understand and control this fact.

This course foundation is based on endless hours of studying price charts and money management. Risk reduction is the cornerstone of trading the financial markets, if you focus your trading plan on caring for minimizing risk, then profits will take care of themselves. During this course, you will make an in-depth analysis of implementing risk reduction into your trading plan, which is the highway to becoming a profitable trader.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone interested in improving his (her) trading plan for reducing risk.
  • It should be taken by traders looking to expand their knowledge about trend detection, risk analysis and money management.
  • Any student looking for reaching better levels of profitability.

Day Trading and Swing Trading Futures with Price Action Download Link

Download Link

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