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[Download] Complete Node.js Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery Free Download – Google Drive Links


Complete Node.js Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery Description

Prerequisites for this course?

  • Just basic JavaScript knowledge
  • You DO NOT need any prior experience with Node JS!
  • You DO NOT need any prior Backend Development knowledge!

What you’ll learn

  • Build enterprise-level Node applications and deploy to the cloud (AWS)
  • Lead Node JS projects by making good architecture decisions and helping others on your team
  • Work with real-life data and the SpaceX API to build a NASA launch system to discover new planets that may contain life + other projects
  • Build a MERN (MongoDb, Express, React, Node) fullstack app and deploy to production
  • Become a top 10% Node Developer by learning advanced topics most courses don’t cover
  • Master the latest ecosystem of a Backend Node JS Developer from scratch
  • Learn to build secure and performant, large-scale applications like a Senior Backend Developer
  • Use Node JS to build production grade apps including REST APIs and GraphQL APIs
  • Authentication, File I/O, Databases (SQL, MongoDB), Express Framework, Sockets, plus many other important topics a Backend Developer should know
  • Load balancing, Monitoring, CI/CD, and Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Learn security best practices throughout the course so you can be confident with your deployments

Who is this course for?

  • Students who are interested in going beyond all of the other “beginner” Node tutorials
  • Programmers who want to learn the most in-demand skills of a Backend Developer
  • Developers that want to be in the top 10% of NodeJS developers
  • Students who want to gain experience working on large, scalable applications
  • Bootcamp or online tutorial graduates that want to go beyond the basics
  • Backend Developers who want to learn and master NodeJS
  • Frontend Developers and Web Developers who want to get into the backend development world or become Fullstack Developers
  • You want to learn from Senior Developers who have real-world industry experience

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