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Download Coding nomands web development course Free Download – Google Drive Links

Download Coding nomands web development course Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Download Coding nomands web development course Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

Learn highly useful & transferable skills

As you probably know, Java skills are needed across all industry sectors, and in various job roles – Software Developer, Data Engineer, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, and beyond 1.

Learning Java is a valuable investment for many reasons. In our Java Training Career Track, learn to navigate any engineering project, and pursue the career of your choosing.

Get the best Java training at the best value

No more disparate tutorials that only get you halfway! Learn the complete package of skills proven to take a complete beginner to a professional Java Developer.

At CodingNomads we’ve built our reputation as a premier Java training shop, with a best-in-class curriculum and mentorship.

As a small business with a whole lotta heart, we’ve helped students from 25+ countries transition into more fulfilling careers. Join our team of Java superstars, and set yourself up for the future.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Build complex, scalable software applications from scratch using Java, SQL, Spring, REST APIs, AWS, and more.
  • Secure work as a professional Java developer, with extensive career support and resources to dominate the job search, ace technical interviews, and pursue the path of your choosing.
  • Understand computer science principles and how to learn, so you can learn any other language or tech with confidence.
  • Utilize Object Oriented Programming; logging, error tracking & debugging; performance and caching; security and encryption.
  • Confidently use everyday professional developer tools like MySQL, AWS, command line interface (CLI), IntelliJ, and GitHub.

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