[DOWNLOAD] Become A Highly Paid Marketing Freelancer In The Next 90 Days… BY ROOTA MITTAL Free Download – Google Drive Links

[DOWNLOAD] Become A Highly Paid Marketing Freelancer In The Next 90 Days… BY ROOTA MITTAL Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

Marketing Accelerator Academy is a PROVEN and TESTED implementation program that teaches you how to grow your freelance marketing business in the next 12 months.

Marketing Accelerator Academy is my system which I used exactly to go from $0 to $100,000+ USD in clients in the first 2 years of my freelancing career.

1000+ students have gone through the course till date . This system has been implemented by course students who have been able to get results and clients within months of joining. Read their stories below.

You don’t need any previous marketing or technical experience to get started. Everything you need to know ranging from lucrative marketing skills to high-ticket client acquisition strategies are covered in-depth in the course.

Course Curriculum

Check out what topics we cover inside MAA…

Module 1

6-Figure Freelancer Journey + Mindset and Productivity

  • ​Your 6-Figure Freelancer Journey
  • Optimising Your Personal Life & Building A Strong Mindset
  • ​Goal Setting Workshop
  • ​Audio lectures on Mindset to refer to when stuck/demotivated

Module 2

Introduction To Marketing and Facebook Advertising

  • ​Pillars Of Great Marketing
  • ​How Do Facebook Ads Work and Introduction to Facebook Ads manager
  • ​Ad Account Basics And Setup
  • ​Pixel and Tracking Setup
  • ​Creating High Quality Audiences
  • ​Facebook Ad Resources and Terms

Module 3

Implementing Successful Facebook Campaigns

  • ​Setup & Research to Launch Your First Campaign
  • ​Copywriting Workshop
  • ​Design Creatives or Ad Graphics
  • ​Launching, Reporting and Scaling the Campaign
  • ​Creating A Conversion Objective Campaign
  • ​Create a simple Lead Magnet Funnel using Clickfunnels
  • ​Facebook Ads Deep Dive
  • ​3 Ways to create a Campaign without Website or Funnel
  • ​How to create Retargeting ads which get you insane ROI
  • ​Dealing with Ad, Account, BM Disapprovals
  • ​How to Send Weekly Ad Reports to Clients
  • ​Snapshot of the Industry Average Stats

Module 4

Instagram Domination

  • High Level Strategy to get 70K+ Followers On Instagram
  • ​Instagram Profile Optimization & Organic Content Strategy
  • ​Instagram Hashtag Strategy
  • ​How to create Engaging + Converting Instagram Stories and Story Ads
  • ​Scheduling Instagram Content via Later.com
  • ​Instagram Growth Ads Setup and Management
  • ​Scaling A Real Client Campaign For Instagram Growth

Module 5

Implementing Profitable Sales Funnels

  • Types Of Sales Funnels
  • ​Basics of Clickfunnels
  • ​How to build a Webinar Funnel
  • ​Integrating the Funnel with an email responder and Payment Setup
  • ​Building a Sales Page/Order Form/Order Confirmation

Module 6

Get Your First Or Next High-Ticket Client

  • Optimising Your Social Media To Prepare For Clients
  • ​Running your first Facebook Ad Campaign For Portfolio Building
  • ​Understanding Client Journey & Setting up your Calendar
  • ​Building your KICKASS portfolio
  • ​Looking for High-ticket clients organically
  • ​Getting to know everything about Discovery Calls
  • ​Pricing and Packaging your services
  • Sales Training ​
  • ​Motivation Video to Listen Before Client Discovery Calls and Hype Up

Module 7

Client Onboarding, Management & Team Building

  • Post Discovery Call: How to Send High-ticket Proposals that get Accepted
  • ​Onboarding Clients – Sending Contract + Invoice
  • ​Post Contract: Client Onboarding and Strategy Call
  • ​Client Management: Strategy Calls and Weekly Reports
  • ​Scaling to Multiple Clients and Avoid Income Roller Coaster + Get Consulting Clients
  • ​Team Building: How to Hire and Scale Your Team + Create a Real Agency

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