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UltimateCourses Basics of HTML + CSS Free Download, Everything you need to
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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

  • Green Tick IconHTML Essentials, Syntax and Structure
  • Green Tick IconLesson and Project Based
  • Green Tick IconHistory of HTML and new HTML5
  • Green Tick IconContent Elements (headings, lists, anchors, buttons)
  • Green Tick IconSection Elements (header, footer, article, section)
  • Green Tick IconForm Elements (inputs and types, forms, submitting)
  • Green Tick IconMedia Elements (audio, video, picture)
  • Green Tick IconSemantically code a real blog

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • Green Tick IconCSS Essentials, Syntax
  • Green Tick IconLesson and Project Based
  • Green Tick IconStyle Tags and Files
  • Green Tick IconNew CSS3 techniques
  • Green Tick IconHandling Fonts and Text
  • Green Tick IconCSS Box Model (must-know interview knowledge)
  • Green Tick IconFlexbox, Grid Modern Layouts
  • Green Tick IconTraditional Layout with Floats
  • Green Tick IconFully style a real blog

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