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What you'll learn

  • On completion of this course you would have a better grip over BACK-END web development with php7, SQL, MySQL database.
  • You would be able to develop complex web applications learning from projects.
  • Login Page, Registration Page, Data Submission and Retrieval, and display from database, etc


  • No prerequisites at all. You just need a little experience of doing GOOGLE search only !


When you are building your career around Web development technologies, you generally have to opt between the Front-end and Back-end technologies. Although there are professionals having skills in both categories, but there is rarely any large project where you could find a Full-stack web developer working in both domains together. You need to have some idea of both front and back end technologies, but your prime focus must on any one. Moreover, a lot of Web frameworks can be divided into these two categories. One one hand Bootstrap is a front-end framework focused on optimizing appearance for small devices like smartphones. On other hand we have frameworks like CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony on the back-end side.

PHP (Preprocessor Hypertext) is one of the most popular server side (back-end) programming language. You can create dynamic web pages where your server side scripts interacts with a database such as MySQL relational database. You can generate custom SQL (Structured Query Language) queries from php scripts to perform any kind of read and write operations with database.

You will be learning about Back-end web development with PHP, SQL and MySQL in this course. You will also learn how to set up web server and run database with WAMP server. If you just a beginner in this field, don't worry, as you will be learning everything right from the begining. You will learn fundamentals of PHP, and SQL and learn how to write a PHP script and run SQL queries. You will also learn with practical examples on these by writing files, and sample projects like LOGIN, and Register Page with database connection, Extracting Information from Database and displaying  the same with HTML tables, HTML FORM, php database connection scripts, etc.

After you learn all the key Scripting Languages you would learn how to develop your website and then deploy it on the internet.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from Students to Web Development Passionate who have desire to learn BACK-END web development .


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