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[DONWLOAD] Chris Do – Stylescapes Free Download – Google Drive Links

[DONWLOAD] Chris Do – Stylescapes Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Your design projects can be more profitable. Learn how to make more money doing what you love with fewer client revisions.

Tired of getting asked for too many changes to your work?

We’ve all been there: that feeling of being caught in an endless cycle of revisions with a “nightmare client.” It happens to the best of us. But this isn’t a hopeless situation: with a few simple tweaks to your process, you can avoid the change-order spin cycle.

Sick of not feeling confident when you design for clients?

Showing your work for the first time to a new client can be nerve-wracking. Especially if you have missed the mark for past clients. Imagine what it would be like to know exactly what your clients wanted. How confident would you feel?

The problem lies in your creative process.

In order to produce predictably successful projects, you need to have a well-curated and repeatable process. And most likely, your process is missing something vital. A gap between the creative brief and the design work.


A collaborative creative process designed to get approvals fast.

Stop Guessing

Speak the same language. By translating words into images, you will get alignment with your clients before you ever design anything.

Present Confidently

Lose the rapid heart rate and sweaty palms. Present ideas early and collaboratively to help “scaffold” clients to the end result.

Get Approval Fast

This collaborative and easy to use process will help your clients sign off on your work quickly: many times without any changes.

What’s Included

– Finding Resources

– Building Stylescapes®

– Critiquing Your Work

– Presenting Stylescapes®

Who this is for:

Stylescapes® is designed for anyone who provides visual creative services

Whether you work in house at a large corporation, or are freelancing for clients, you can integrate the Stylescapes® process and get approvals faster than ever. Stylescapes® is a perfect resource for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • UI, UX & Product Designers
  • Interior Designers & Architects
  • Motion Designers & Animators
  • Brand Strategists


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