Design a Wix NFT Website with Crypto Wallet Functionality – Free Download – Google Drive Links

We start by taking you through the design process of creating an engaging website suitable for the NFT space in Wix. This covers mobile optimisation, animated elements, anchored navigation and scrolling effects. We then move on to building our own crypto wallet plugin that can Mint NFT’s onto the blockchain or enable your site visitors to connect their wallet to your website.

This is not a smart contract course you will need to have your smart contract built if you want to mint right away as you will need to include your ABI code and contract address in the plugin for it to mint. You don’t need to be an expert in Wix or blockchain and you certainly don’t need to be. developer to achieve these results. Follow along and feel free to watch modules as many times as you need to gain full understanding.

This is everything you need to put your very own NFT website online in only a matter of hours.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Design a Wix NFT Website with Crypto Wallet Functionality



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