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Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 Free Download – Google Drive Links

Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 Free Download – Google Drive Links

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Dan Englander – The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 Free Download - Google Drive Links 2

What You Get:​

The exact process we use to secure 5-20 new qualified prospect meetings every week for our clients.​
What’s New in the 2.0 Version:​
Resource Checklist One-Sheeter, so you can set up the right systems from the beginning.

Bonus Module: How to Implement Relationship Sales At Scale.
Videos re-edited for a smoother overall experience.
New introduction from instructor.
Course Curriculum:​

Background and Vision
Resource Checklist
Copy Ideas Library

  1. CONCEPTS: The Right Foundation for Predictable Revenue​
    The Five Prospecting Commandments
    How to Get Maximum Leverage Through Delegation
    Flashlight vs. Laser Pointer
    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Workshop
    Action Items
    Section 1 Slides
  2. COPY: How to De-Risk Business Conversations​
    How to Use Context to Your Advantage.
    The One Simple Task…
    Six Guidelines for Effective Outreach Copy
    Action Items – Craft Your Outreach Template
    Sec 2 Slides
  3. SYSTEMS: Build Your Agency’s Lead Generation Machine​
    The Lead Generation Universe – Tools and Automation
    How Inbound and Outbound Interact
    Building Your Outbound Engine – How to Enrich Data and Launch Your Campaigns
    Outreach Cadence Samples
    The Longterm Growth Path
    Action Items + Q&A
    Section 3 Slides
  4. OPTIMIZATION: A Case Study in Closed Business​
    Case Study Intro – Metrics and Benchmarks
    Campaign Diagnosis – Making Sense of Replies
    The Hit Campaign Dynamic: Meetings and Closed Business
    Action Items
    Section 4 Slides

4.1. Relationship-Driven New Business At-Scale. [Bonus Section]​
Intro to Relationship-Driven Prospecting.
Using the Historic Client Commonality.
Alumni Connections, Geographies, and Lego Blocks.
Indirect Connectors and The Hopscotch Approach.

  1. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: How to Plug Into the Right Audiences​
    The Power of Existing Audiences
    How to Use Targeted Outreach to Secure Dozens of Placements
    Thought Leadership Q and A
    Section 5 Slides

BONUS Materials
Webinar: How to Sell Agency Services in Uncertain Times
Webinar: Relationship-Driven New Business At-Scale.

Sales Page: The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 | Sales Schema 46

DOWNLOAD: 3.23 GB folder on MEGA 

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