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A unique combination of price action, divergence analysis, and pattern recognition what will change the way you view the Forex market.

For the first time ever Chris Mathis is making his complete Divergence trading methodology available to retail Forex traders.

A dynamic method you can trade forever  we all know the market changes over time and volatility increases and decreases rendering some trading methods obsolete. You will never have to worry about that when you learn to trade price patterns and divergence because they naturally adapt to the volatility of the market. In other words you can be confident this is the only method you will ever need.

A true understanding of the method  We utilize the tools that have been around the market for a long time and are freely available for everyone to use. No proprietary indicators with protected source code here.

What You Will Learn
Divergence Explained
What Is Divergence
Why Trade Divergence
How Divergence Will Help Improve Your Trading
Does Divergence Work on All Time Frames
Divergence Trading is a Dynamic Approach for a Dynamic Market
Regular Divergence
Hidden Divergence
Slope Divergence
Chris Mathis  The Ultimate Divergence Trading Course Download Link

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