Your Tuesday Briefing

More travel is restricted as virus variants spread In a bid to curb the spread of new, more contagious variants of the coronavirus, both the U.S. and the E.U. are exploring ways to restrict travel further, following in the footsteps of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Ghana and South Korea, whose stringent travel restrictions … Read more

6 More Houston Police Officers Charged After Fatal 2019 Raid

Six more Houston police officers were indicted on Monday — including one on a murder charge — in connection with a botched raid in 2019 that claimed the lives of a local couple, prosecutors said. Five of those officers were charged with first- and second-degree felonies stemming from what prosecutors said was a scheme by … Read more

$200,000 Settlement for Texas Man Pepper-Sprayed While Recording Son’s Traffic Stop

Footage from Officer Shimanek’s body camera shows Dillon being asked to step out of the car and then quickly handcuffed. The footage shows his father recording the encounter with his smartphone from his truck, and Officer Shimanek yelling that Mr. Puente was obstructing the roadway and threatening him with arrest. When a second officer, Ankit … Read more

Indian Farmers to March Tractors Into Delhi, Pressuring Modi

NEW DELHI — As pomp and color of military parades go, India’s Republic Day celebrations rank among the most eye-catching. But on Tuesday, just as the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepared to celebrate the anniversary of the inception of the country’s Constitution with another parade by the armed forces, an unlikely force was … Read more

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