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Build an e-commerce app with React and Chakra UI MERN [2023] Free Download – Google Drive Links

Build an e-commerce app with React and Chakra UI MERN [2023] Free Download – Google Drive Links

Build a full stack e-commerce stage without any preparation with React, Redux, Express, MongoDB [MERN Stack + Chakra UI]

What you'll learn

  • Programming in JavaScript utilizing ReactJs
  • Learn building applications with Chakra UI
  • Modern Redux with ReactJs
  • Version control utilizing Git (Github)
  • Building API's with Express and Node
  • Full stack software engineering/Web development
  • Creating e-commerce looks for any sort of items
  • Formik and Yup for easy structure approval
  • React hooks
  • React routing
  • Json web tokens (jwt)
  • User login and registration back to front
  • Password hashing
  • MongoDb set up
  • Easy and free deployment
  • Object information mapping
  • Mailman
  • REST API's
  • Website administration
  • PayPal Payment
  • Redux Js Toolkit


A computer with an internet connection


Hello and welcome to my course. This is a beginner's course for building modern web applications. This is the right course for you assuming that you are:

– Interested in web development

– Concentrating on IT

– Interested in programming in general

– Upskilling your existing knowledge of React

– Interested how full-stack applications are build

– Strong understanding of programming and need to begin with React/JavaScript

– Interested in Chakra UI.

– You are new to its universe and you need to begin somewhere

What will you learn?

– Endlessly react hooks

– Functional components

– State management with ReduxJs Toolkit

– Utilizing a component library like Chakra UI

– Styling and designing webpages

– Responsive design

– User registration and authentication (login)

– Composing an API and putting away information to a database.

– Utilizing MongoDB

– Utilizing NodeJS

– Utilizing Express

– Version control utilizing Git with Github

– Furthermore, some more…

This course is very reasonable, around 90%+ of the lessons will involve you coding alongside me on this project. Assuming you are the type of person who gets the most out of learning by doing, then this course is definitely for you.

On this course we will build an example e-commerce shop called Techlines, completely without any preparation utilizing the most famous JavaScript library called React in blend with Redux, Chakra UI, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB and some more. All you should get started is a computer with your favorite operating system, and an energy for learning how to build an application.

Who this course is for:

Everybody who needs to learn modern web development, software engineering or basically needs to create their own ecommerce website to sell items.

Beginner in JavaScript, React or Programming


Benjamin Fischer

Software Engineer and Course Educator

  • 4.8 Educator Rating
  • 9 Reviews
  • 51 Students
  • 1 Course

Benjamin Fischer is a professional software engineer based in New Zealand with German roots. He has an enthusiasm for creating things that live on the internet. His Bachelor of data and correspondence technologies combined with years of experience and a talent for explaining things are a strong foundation for creating his courses.

Benjamin loves cooking, traveling, rock and metal music and his loved ones.

4.8 course ratings & 9 reviews

Günther R.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a week prior

Ein sehr motivierender Lehrer mit angenehmer Stimme. Ich war ständig bereit weiter zu machen und mehr zu lernen.A very propelling teacher with a pleasant voice. I was continually ready to move on and learn more.

Johnathan F.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a week prior

At long last a course about MERN and Chakra UI. I was searching for an alternative to Bootstrap and MUI. Chakra is so powerful and I'm not surprised that utilizing it with mern works perfectly!Ben is a great teacher. It is…