Boring UI Course Free Download – Google Drive Links

Boring UI Course Free Download – Google Drive Links

When thinking about UI Design, we often imagine beautiful detail pages or visually stunning dashboards.

:point_up: You can learn design skills for screens like that in many of our other courses.

 Here’s a reality check! ​

**What really matters for companies hiring UI designers?**​

In reality, the most common things UI designers do are pretty “boring”. It’s a set of components like inputs, buttons, cards, and list views arranged and re-arranged into many different configurations.

:point_up: THIS is what matters to a business hiring a designer! Not their flashy dribbble skills.

I’ve noticed many juniors lack these fundamentals and when the time comes to design something real they’re lost and confused.

They may know how to design a button or a dropdown, but their components like consistency and proper hierarchy.

With this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a beautiful, consistent, and thought-out component set – a skill that companies REALLY want from UI designers.

**Just making a set of buttons is easy. This course takes you much, much further!**​

**You will learn:**​

:white_check_mark: How to plan your fonts, colors, and sizes

:white_check_mark: How to set up a soft grid for your components

:white_check_mark: Creating beautiful buttons, inputs, checkboxes, and more

:white_check_mark: Crafting lists, cards, and other often-used components

:white_check_mark: Mastering hierarchy through spacing and typography (:rotating_light: the most important part!)

:white_check_mark: Combining the components into full interfaces

Understand the WHY! ​

It’s not about recreating some UI elements, but rather UNDERSTANDING the WHY – why they have these sizes, proportions, how they work together, and a lot more!

And it’s only a small group – the full course covers a lot more and how to use them together for the best User Experience.

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1.05 GB folder on MEGA

15 files