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During the past year or so, I´ve done some extensive research in regards to SEO audits and, during that time I must have downloaded over 50+ different templates and checklists that have helped me develop my own SEO audit process.

So, right now, I can tell you beyond any reason or doubts, these are the top 3 audits templates or checklists you´ll find online…

242 Point SEO Audit Checklist (FREE) 12

This is by far the best FREE SEO audit checklist you´ll find online. It covers over 200 items/factors and it will be a great place to start.

Annielytics Site Audit Checklist (PAID) – $299 9

This has been an industry standard for many years now. Personally, I think is the most comprehensive, detailed, and in-depth audit report template you´ll find online.

This is a 140-page template with boilerplate text for each of the 18 sections of the audit and many of the individual checkpoints. There are currently 167 checkpoints, step-by-step instructions for each test, and 100+ explainer graphics.

It comes with a fully editable Microsoft Word document.

Personally, even though I believe it has everything you´ll need to present a professionally made SEO audit for a client, it´s a bit overwhelming for me but it might work better for you.

Ultimate SEO Audit Template by Relative Digital Marketing (PAID – $199 10

This is by far my personal favorite!

Not only is cheaper but it´s an interactive Google Spreadsheet that takes into account over 150+ of the top-ranking factor and is designed for either Local, National, Or E-commerce Websites

The template touches on the following topics…

  • Local SEO (Google My Business & Bing)
  • User Experience (Basic)
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Site Essentials
  • Indexation Issues
  • CTR Optimization
  • Site Architecture
  • Technical Issues
  • Content Issues
  • Structured Data
  • Social Media Activity
  • Google Search Console Review
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Competitor Channel Analysis

One of the things I love the most about this SEO audit template is that you can easily keep track of any SEO implementations you do on the site which, I believe as an SEO Consultant, it´s critical for the success of any SEO campaign.

I hope this helps, cheers!!

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