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Become a React Developer – ( Educative.io ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

Become a React Developer – ( Educative.io ) Free Download – Google Drive Links

“Become a React Developer” course on educative.io covers several modules, which include:

  1. Modern JavaScript ES6+: This module provides a practical view into all of the components present in ES6, including Function Scope, Block Scope, Constants, Arrow Functions, Classes, Destructuring, Spread Operator and Rest Parameters, Objects in ES6, Tail Call Optimization and Other Function Features, Symbols, the for-of loop, String and Template Literals, Sets, Maps, and their Weak Versions, Iterators and Generators in Depth, and ES6 Promises.
  2. React Fundamentals: This module covers the basics of React, including the Virtual DOM, Components, Props and State, Event Handling, and more.
  3. React + TypeScript: This module covers how to use TypeScript in React.
  4. React + JSX: This module covers the JSX syntax and how to use it in React.
  5. Redux: This module covers how to use Redux to manage the state of a React application.
  6. React Router: This module covers how to use React Router to handle client-side routing in a React application.
  7. Building a Real-World Application: This module covers how to build a real-world application using React, Redux, and React Router.
  8. React Testing: This module covers how to test a React application using Jest and Enzyme.
  9. React Deployment: This module covers how to deploy a React application to a production environment.

This course is designed for JavaScript developers who want to learn React and become proficient in building user interfaces using this popular front-end framework. The course covers all the necessary concepts and technologies needed to become a complete React developer, including the basics of React, related technologies such as TypeScript, JSX, and ES6+, as well as advanced topics like Redux, React Router, and building a real-world application. Additionally, it covers testing and deploying React applications. By completing this course, learners will be able to build complex and dynamic user interfaces, and will be in high demand in the job market.


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