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Ankur Warikoo Course Free Download

Ankur Warikoo – Complete Guide To Starting Up 2021 Free Download

A course for you to help you navigate through all the steps of building a successful start-up. Explained by someone who has done it before.

This course will guide you through all of the procedures involved in launching a successful business. For your startup journey, it’s like having a GPS. Someone who has done it previously explains it.

Chapter 1: 
How to shortlist a bunch of startup ideas?

Are all your ideas million-dollar ideas? How can you decide if an Idea is worth taking to the next level?

Learn How to Finalize Winning Ideas and reject the others.

Chapter 2:
How do you pick the right startup idea?

How do you pick the “1 Big Idea” for Your Startup? This idea could change your life forever.

Learn how to select and capitalize the right one.

Chapter 3:
Finding your cofounder and the founding team

Your StartUp needs people. A solid team is the foundation of a StartUp.

Learn what to look for in your cofounder (or whether you should have one) and the founding team.

Chapter 4:
Basics of founder equity and ESOPs

Let’s say you get a Co-founder and a Founding team. What about their shares? How will you pay them and yourself?

Learn how to split equity with your co-founder and all about ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Chapter 5:
Basics of fundraising

You need funds. 100%. But do you need Investors? Or should you bootstrap your business?

Learn whether to raise funds, how much to raise, how to determine valuation, and the reality behind the fundraising.

Chapter 6:
Planning and building your product’s first version

How will you know your Product meets market needs without you spending years on RnD?

Learn about early-stage Product Development and how to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

Chapter 7:
Pricing your product

Pricing your product isn’t just simple maths. You need to go beyond hard data and number crunching to understand the real market value of your product.

Learn everything you need about putting a price tag on your Product.

Chapter 8:
Releasing your product and getting the first customers

You have a business if you have customers.

Learn how to launch your Product, find Product-Market Fit and get your first 1,000 customers for your StartUp inside the course.

Download The Complete Guide to Starting Up Course By Ankur Warikoo

Hello DuForum members

Today I am going to share with you The Complete Guide to Starting Up Course by Ankur Warikoo for free. Kindly download it from the below link.

A course for you to help you navigate through all the steps of building a successful start-up. Explained by someone who has done it before.

Download: Ankur Warikoo – Complete Guide To Starting Up – Google Drive 

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