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Amazing Tools To Supercharge Your Instagram Account

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Amazing Tools To Supercharge Your Instagram Account 3

With 1 billion monthly active users and 50% daily active users, Instagram is more than a popular social media platform: it’s a powerful marketing platform for every brand worldwide — big or small, an individual or an organization.

Whether you’re building a personal brand or a corporate brand, Instagram is a platform full of opportunities for advertising your products and finding new customers. However, it’s tough to get the desired results without the right tools, even if you’re using the right strategies — say, direct ads or influencers. (Source: hongkiat)

That’s why I’ve compiled a top-notch toolkit of apps and tools that can help turbocharge your Instagram. Are you ready to check out them? Let’s go.

Creating Beautiful Photos


A superb image-editing app for iOS, which features an immense library of filters and photo-editing tools including frames and overlays. Most of all, I’m impressed by its option that allows creating custom filters.


Canva is a well-known design tool that helps in creating banners, flyers, posters, etc. Its photo-editing tool packs in a lot of awesome features such as photo enhancer, photo straightener, speech bubble maker, etc.


Crello is another design tool, like Canva, which offers numerous formats and themes along with a big library of backgrounds and illustrations. It helps to create ads, flyers, and social media posts and videos.


An intuitive app from Instagram that helps re-mix your photos in one-of-a-kind fun layouts. You can mix up to nine photos from your camera roll or use its Photo Booth to catch new moments; then share it instantly.

Layout is also available for Android 1.


A professional tool for editing photos on the go. It showcases curated content for inspiration and features easy tools (such as layers and masks) for enhancing photos. Also, it allows asking for feedback on your photos.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a creative powerhouse that helps create and edit collages and images. It features auto-fix tool, text tool, eye-catching effects, borders and frames, correction tools, and a lot more features.


Another professional tool that offers numerous design tools and collaboration features. It also features hundreds of templates and numerous effects, filters, and graphics for creating dazzling photos.


VSCO is a popular app for creating next-level photos. It packs in powerful presets and image-editing tools along with community spotlights for inspiration. Its premium membership offers a lot more.

Creating Videos


Another app from the team behind Instagram. It helps create mini videos which loop back and forth by snapping 10 photos and stitching them together. You can then share it instantly on Facebook or Instagram.

Boomerang is available for Android 1.

Filmm 1

An iOS app for mixing and stacking color-grading filters in your videos along with film textures, beautiful effects, and subtle distortions. It also features audio control and avails royalty-free music as well.


An online video editor that helps create awesome videos. You just need to choose a video style and the music for the video, and its AI-powered editor will do the rest to create fast and dazzling videos.


Another app that helps create amazing video stories by re-mixing your photos and videos together. It features 200+ templates, 20+ themes, numerous cover templates, and various fonts and filters too.

Managing Posts


A social media management tool that supports many social platforms. It lets you plan and schedule posts, collaborate on the content with your teams, and get advanced analytics for tracking the ROI.


Another social media management tool for Instagram. It helps you discover and schedule posts, find tailored posts for different social platforms, and publish content from your blogs or websites.

Display Purposes 

A handy tool for researching relevant hashtags that help your posts stand out of the crowd. It auto-filters banned or spammy hashtags and features a tool for removing existing banned hashtags from your account.


Another tool for getting hashtag ideas for your posts that help you connect to the real audience on Instagram. It features an AI-powered tool that promises to suggest only authentic and relevant hashtags.


Another well-known social media management tool that supports Instagram. It lets you schedule posts, publish them, collaborate on them with others, and analyze your posts, customers, as well as competitors.


Another social media management tool for managing and scheduling content, getting insightful and intelligible analytics, tracking your competitors, and understanding your posts’ performance.


A productivity utility for Instagrammers that features scheduling posts with a visual calendar, collecting and re-posting user posts, etc. It also allows creating a shoppable feed that helps to drive traffic and track sales.


An extension tool for Hootsuite that adds a lot of powerful features. It brings feeds and account management tools for Hootsuite. You can track hashtags, discover content, analyze posts, and do more.


Another social media and brand management tool for Instagram. It helps you plan and schedule posts, search relevant hashtags, and analyze your competitors and posts with advanced analytics and metrics.


A superb social media management tool for Instagrammers. It assists you in discovering content, creating and scheduling posts, monitoring social media profiles, and engaging directly with followers.

Regrammer 1

A re-posting tool for every marketer and user that helps re-post photos, videos, and stories. It supports multiple photos or videos, adds no watermark, and allows scheduling the re-posts as well.

Repost for Instagram

Another tool for re-posting photos and videos on Instagram while attributing (giving required credits) to the original author. However, it doesn’t support re-posting stories, unlike Regrammer.


A social media management tool that focuses on collaboration. It helps you collaborate with others for finding and scheduling posts. It also offers advanced reporting features with insightful data.

Sked Social

A tool for visually planning and scheduling posts and stories on Instagram. It features a photo editor, allows bulk uploads, and supports team accounts. It can also post to Facebook Pages and Twitter.

Sprout Social

Another media management tool for Instagram. It supports managing multiple accounts, publishing and scheduling posts, managing campaigns and hashtags, and providing insightful analytics and reports. 

Another tool for researching hashtags for adding to posts on Instagram. It lists the top hashtags for you and allows searching for relevant hashtags too.

Products Selling


A superb tool for selling your products using your Instagram account. It turns your account into a shoppable gallery for your online store. It supports tracking influencers and provides advanced analytics too.


A tool for creating a clickable feed for driving traffic to your web links, say blogs or online stores. It helps create a landing page with your products, which your followers can browse, tap favorites, and do more.


A tool that helps drive traffic to your web links through your Instagram Bio. You can cross-link your other social networks, add messenger links, and track all the clicks on those links for analyzing traffic.

Sked Link

Another tool for getting the most out of your bio link on Instagram. You can create your bio link, wherein you can include a short bio, add your web links, and integrate Google Analytics as well.


A tool for selling your products using comments on Instagram. It features an inventory system that supports managing customers and orders, tracking sales, etc. It also works with Shopify, surprisingly.

More Tools


An ad management tool for marketers that supports many platforms including Instagram. It helps you to create and manage advertising campaigns quickly, get actionable insights, and collaborate in teams.


An amazing tool for growing and managing your followers. It offers user search analysis and audience management, finds relevant discussions of potential followers, and provides activity statistics.


An analytics tool for Instagram, which provides simple yet actionable analytics to help grow your followers. For example, it supports tracking competitors, finding collaborators for growing together, and more.


An influencer marketing solution that analyzes influencers on Instagram and YouTube. It helps you analyze and find influencers for your next marketing campaign or prospective clients if you’re an influencer.


A marketer’s tool for Instagram that allows monitoring advertising campaigns, discovering influencers, monitoring your brand reputation, monitoring events in real-time, and getting insightful market research.


A tool for growing your followers on Instagram. It works on-the-fly based on your inputs to help gain the attention of probable followers, improve your brand awareness, and grow your followers organically.


An analytics tool to track mentions on Instagram. It helps you track mentions of your brands or products as well as competitors. It also allows finding influencers and sales leads and growing your brand’s reputation.


An audience management tool for Instagram. It assists in identifying, organizing, and managing your audience on social media platforms. You can sort, filter, and export audience data in its intuitive interface.


Analytics and reporting tool for Instagram. It helps analyze and track brand leaders and your competitors (including their campaigns’ performance), discover content ideas, and engage your followers.


A follower management tool for Instagram. It connects you with an account manager, who engages with probable followers to help grow your audience, your brand’s exposure, and its social influence.


Want to post a panorama picture to Instagram? Instaspan turns your panorama photo into a smooth video so your fans don’t miss out on anything.


Get analytics of your Instagram account like your most liked photo, average number on comments or likes, followers’ growth displayed ona chart and more useful analytics.

Past Book

Get your Instagram photos printed as coffee table books for as little as $19 for 24 pages. Prices vary according to number of pages, size and cover preference (hardcover or softcover). Free shipping worldwide.

InstaSave for Android

Download any Instagram image to your Android by copying the share link from the photo; the app will automatically process the download.


Find images that do not have likes, and surprise the owner of the photo with a supportive first like.


Appreciate the share, don’t be cheap!

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