Aesthetic Course | Body Fitness By Hamza Ahmed Free Download –

Aesthetic Course | Body Fitness By Hamza Ahmed Free Download –

How To Build Your Dream Body Without Lifting Heavy, Dangerous Weights

Do Not Trust Fitness YouTubers & TikTokers

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of YouTube.

I’d literally eat all my food at my computer desk whilst flicking through fitness videos…

I’d spend at least an hour watching these fitness videos everyday and I’d be even more confused!

I think you know why…

You’ve tried to search for fitness advice on YouTube and TikTok and there’s an issue…

Everyone contradicts each other!

One guy tells you to do x, the second guy tells you that x is KILLING YOUR GAINS.

You’ve experienced that overwhelming feeling because of all of the different fitness advice you’ve see online…

How are you supposed to stay consistent in your workouts or diet if everyone is convincing you to do something different?

You end up switching workout routines or eating differently so much that you just don’t even see any real progress.

And now that I have more experience I can tell you that a lot of what you see online is total lies – The YouTubers make videos on what gets them lots of views, NOT what will help you build your dream body faster.

That’s why you see stupid 10,000 calorie challenges and weird fitness advice – It’s clickbait, not education.

You need one source of knowledge. One person you can put your trust in.

Video Course Modules:

  1. Aesthetic Theory 101 (5 videos)
  2. Mindsets for Success (3 videos)
  3. Workout Knowledge (8 videos)
  4. Exercises (18 videos)
  5. Diet Knowledge (9 videos)
  6. Meals (5 videos)
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (6 videos)

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Happy learning!