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A Deep Dive into React Hooks – Free Download – Google Drive Links

A Deep Dive into React Hooks – Free Download – Google Drive Links

The course “A Deep Dive into React Hooks” is a hands-on, text-based course that aims to help learners understand and master React Hooks. React Hooks is a feature introduced in React 16.8 that allows developers to use state and other React features in functional components, rather than just in class components. The course covers a variety of topics related to React Hooks, including the React Hooks API, advanced usage of the useEffect Hook, managing global state with Hooks, creating custom hooks, unit testing for React Hooks, and the useDependency pattern with Hooks.

The course is designed to be interactive, with hands-on coding environments and built-in assessments to test learners' skills. It also includes 24 playgrounds and 24 illustrations to help learners understand the concepts better. By the end of the course, learners will have a complete understanding of React Hooks, and will be able to achieve better code composition, code reuse, and unit testing ability with React Hooks.

“A Deep Dive into React Hooks” course covers several modules, which include:

  1. Introduction: This module provides an introduction to the course and an overview of what React Hooks are and why they are needed.
  2. Getting Started with React Hooks: This module covers the basics of React Hooks and provides an introduction to the usage of React Hooks.
  3. React Hooks API: This module covers the various Hooks provided by React, including the useState Hook, useEffect Hook, useContext Hook, React Hook with Reducer Pattern, and Memoization Hooks.
  4. Advanced: Deep Dive into useEffect Hook: This module provides an in-depth look at the useEffect Hook, including how to use the dependencies array and how to run the useEffect function with changes in state or props.
  5. Managing Global State with Hooks: This module covers how to design and implement global state using Hooks.
  6. Create Your Own Hooks: This module covers how to create your own custom Hooks.
  7. Unit Testing for React Hooks: This module covers how to test React Hooks manually, and how to use the React Hooks Testing Library.
  8. Advanced: useDependency Pattern with Hooks: This module covers the useDependency pattern with Hooks, including how to implement it as a Hook and how to add more options to it.
  9. Conclusion: This module provides a final summary of the course and some final thoughts on React Hooks.

Users should take this course if they are looking to learn about React Hooks and how to use them in their React projects. React Hooks provide a new way to write functional components and allows for better code composition, code reuse and unit testing ability. The course covers all the necessary concepts and technologies needed to master React Hooks and provides hands-on coding environments to practice the concepts learned. By the end of the course, learners will be able to use React Hooks in their projects and achieve better code organization, maintainability, and testability.


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