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5 easy ways to bypass Windows 10 administrator password – Google Drive Links


Hey freaks! Hackfreaks here. Tody we learn how to bypass windows password . In fact, password-protecting your Windows 10 laptop or PC is a good way to keep your personal data safe from unauthorized users. But remembering the password of so many accounts is very difficult nowadays, and sometimes it is not uncommon for a user to forget the Windows 10 password. In this situation, they struggle to guess the password, and even after trying the most possible combinations, they get stuck at the login screen …

So, if you are also facing the same situation and are looking for free Windows 10 password bypass methods, then you are in the right place because here you will get 5 effective and most useful Windows 10 forgotten password bypass methods. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Solution 1: How to bypass Windows 10 password via website is the official Microsoft account password recovery site that helps Windows 10 users reset Windows 10 password. It is one of the easiest ways to bypass Windows 10 password if you are using a Microsoft account to log in. This method works well when you have access to the recovered email address or phone that is registered with that Microsoft account.


Step 1: Open a desktop or mobile browser and visit’s password reset page from here ( ).

Step 2: Enter the email address registered with this Microsoft account.

Step 3: After that, you need to enter your recovery email or phone number to receive a verification code. Provide the same and then click on the Next button.

Step 4: Now get the source you provided in the previous step and write down the code that Microsoft posted.

Step 5: go to the Microsoft recovery page and then enter the security code and then click on the Check button.

Step 6: If the verification is successful, then you can set a new password for future login.

This process is only applicable when logging into a Windows 10 computer with a Microsoft account. If it was a local account, then this method will definitely not work. Moreover, if the data provided during the verification process does not match the data provided by your Microsoft account, then verification may fail and you will be stuck again.

Solution 2: Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password Using Command Prompt

CMD is the official and clever way to bypass Windows 10 administrator password. In this process, you will need a Windows installation disc, and if you don’t have one then you can create a bootable USB drive consisting of Windows 10. Also, you need to disable the option UEFI Secure Boot in BIOS settings. Now let’s look at this method in detail.

Step 1: Insert the Windows installation disc on the locked computer.

Step 2: Change the boot order in the BIOS or boot menu so that your computer boots from an external USB or CD / DVD. After that, you will need to press any key to start the boot process, so do the same. You will soon be taken to the Windows setup page, and here you will need to press the Shift and F10 keys together to launch the command line utility.

Step 3: On the login screen, you need to replace the Utility Manager with cmd so that you can easily access the command line for this process. So, enter the commands given here on the command line.

Go d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

Copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Step 4: Restart your computer with the following command.

wpeutil reboot

Step 5: After that, you will land again on the login screen, click on the Ease of Access button, press the button and it will direct you to the command prompt. For now, create a local account to view commands and be sure to press the Enter key after completing each command.

net user hart / add

Step 6: Now close Command Prompt and restart your computer. This time, you will see the local account (Buck) on the login screen, click on it to enter the desktop.

Step 7: Right-click the Start menu and then click the Computer Control button . Go to Local Users and Groups and then select Locked Account , right click on it and select Set Password option.

Step 8: Now create a new password for your locked account.

This method is a bit long and it is all command based. If you enter any wrong command, you will get no result. Also, in this method, you will need a Windows installation disc, and if you don’t have one, then creating Windows installation media on a USB drive will take extra effort.

Solution 3: bypass Windows 10 admin password with PassGeeker for Windows

If you felt overwhelmed when using the command line, then this sentence is 10x easier than CMD. PassGeeker for Windows is one of the most user-friendly Windows password recovery software to bypass Windows 10 password effortlessly. In short, it is completely safe and secure software to reset or bypass Windows 10 administrator password loc al. With this software, you can also add a new administrator account to login.

Step 1: Download PassGeeker for Windows and install it on your computer. Insert the USB drive into the same computer, and then open PassGeeker for Windows.

Step 2: Click the Burn button on the right side of the USB tab. A pop-up menu will appear informing you that the USB drive will be formatted, just click on the Yes button. The incineration process has begun and will be completed shortly.


Step 3: remove the USB drive and insert it into the locked computer. Restart your computer, go to the BIOS menu and select the boot order as USB drive .

Step 4: After that, your computer will boot and get the main PassGeeker for Windows interface with a few options. Select your operating systemselect a locked account from the list of user accounts and click the reset password button.

Step 5: A password reset warning popup will appear, just click on the Yes button. Soon, your forgotten password will be deleted and you can access your account without any password, because this field is left blank PassGeeker for Windows.


PassGeeker for Windows is the fastest Windows password recovery software, and it also offers a clean GUI to help with a smooth installation. This utility supports most versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10. The app is very smooth so that all users can access it to bypass the Windows 10 administrator password in a matter of seconds.

Solution 4: Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password Using a Reset Disk

Password Reset Disk is a built-in tool offered by Windows 10 that helps users to reset Windows password. However, you had to create a password reset disk before to get it to work. After that, you can use it to bypass Windows 10 password. This method is quite simple and the steps are given below.


Step 1: insert the Windows password reset disk into your computer. Restart your computer and you will soon be taken to the login screen.

Step 2: Click on the reset password button and then click on the Next button.

Step 3: Another window will open and here you need to click on the drop down menu to select the drive containing the Windows password reset disk and then click on the Next button.

Step 4: Now enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm it. And be sure to provide a password hint.

Step 5: Close the Password Reset Wizard window, remove the CD and restart your computer. This time, you can easily log into Windows with your new password.

Windows Password Reset Disk is a quick approach to bypassing Windows 10 password, but it is only applicable when you’ve created a reset disk. If you have not created the same, then you will not be able to use this disk. Plus, it supports local accounts, and if you signed up with a Microsoft account, then this method won’t work.

Solution 5: How to Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password via Ubuntu LiveCD

Ubuntu Live CD is a bootable media that allows users to test a demo version of Ubuntu on any computer without installation. So you don’t worry about data loss.

Apart from the installer, it also acts as a password bypass tool due to the repositories it contains. This will help users download the selected software needed to bypass Windows 10 password, and chntpw is one such. So when using the Live CD, be sure to download and configure chntpw.


Step 1: To start the task, you need to get one work computer where you can download the Ubuntu Live CD from the official Ubuntu website and make sure you get the latest version.

Step 2: Burn the ISO file to USB port via UUBYTE ISO Editor. This editor is simple and makes the process very smooth and also produces results in no time.

Step 3: Now insert the USB drive into the locked computer and then boot it through the USB drive. You will soon be redirected to the Ubuntu welcome page, click on the Try Ubuntu button .

Step 4: Next click on Settings and select repositories from the dropdown menu. This will open the Software Sources window, and here you need to select the Community Supported Open Source Software option and then close the window.

Step 5: go to Synaptic Package Manager and click on the reload button to change the repositories. The repositories will then download the software required to remove the Windows password.

Step 6: Once the download process is complete, go to the quick search icon, type chntpw and when you get the same in the list, then select it and then click on the check mark to install .

Step 7: You will soon be redirected back to the Synaptic Package Manager window, and here you need to click on the Apply button.

Step 8: open a terminal and enter the command to install chntpw.

sudo apt-get install chntpwinstall chntpw

Step 9: After that, find the Windows section in which the OS is installed at the specified path Windows \ System32 \ Config and then select the section, right-click on it and then select Open in Terminal .

Step 10: Now enter the command to get a list of user accounts.

chntpw-l SAM

Step 11: Select your locked out account using the command and be sure to press the Enter key after the command completes.

chntpw-u XYZ SAM

Note Here, XYZ stands for Username and you need to enter the one that is blocked.

Step 12: You will get the password editing options, type 1 and press Enter to leave the password blank. Next, type q to close the user edit menu and then press the Enter key.

Step 13: A confirmation message will appear on the terminal and you have to press the Y key . Now restart your computer and this time you will be redirected to the desktop and Windows will not ask for a password.

Ubuntu Live CD is a completely free method to bypass Windows 10 password. However, you will have to be extra careful during command sections, and if you enter the wrong command, you will get stuck.


Hope you can bypass forgotten Windows 10 password using any of these 5 preset methods. If you accessed Windows 10 through a Microsoft account, then you can use, but if you don’t remember the secondary password, then you can go with PassGeeker for Windows. Command Prompt is only applicable if you have a Windows 10 installation disc.

All information on the channel is provided solely for informational / educational purposes.

Thank you all for your attention! :heart:

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