$10 Free GiftCard Method 2020

For this method, we will be using: Chipotle.

1. Head over to https://www.chipotle.com/email-us

2. Click “Tell Us About It,” under Report an Experience

3. Select “An Order/Restaurant Experience”

4. Next, either click “In a Chipotle (Drive thru) or “The Chipotle App”

5. Then select whichever option seems the worst/more believable (Incorrect order usually works)

6. After this, fill out the extra details like which restaurant (google), date (recently), time, etc.

7. For your message, simply talk about how awful your trip was. Say you waited in the drive-thru for a really long time only to get the wrong order, workers were rude, drink was spilt, etc. Sound really disappointed because you have supported Chipotle a lot in the past (COVID SZN: say you really want to support the store but you're let down), Whatever you do, make it sound real and DONT ask for anything free or for a gift card.

8. Press “Yes Contact Me”

9. Enter your contact information: Use a real Email since they will reach out to you.

10. They will email you back saying they will send you a card for a free meal via email. Rinse-and-repeat with different emails!

Good Luck =)

Updated: August 11, 2020 — 5:31 pm

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