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HOW TO GET VYPR VPN WITHOUT CREDIT CARD First go to emailondeck.com and solve Captcha. Click get Email. Then you go to https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/buy-vpn Scroll down and Select Monthly plan which costs $ 12.95. Register with any name and use the email you got earlier. At the country chose USA and use 10010 as postal code In the payment method select Union Pay Now click on continue to Union Pay You will be directed to the page of AlilPay which is a Chinese page. Just close the tab. Now open VyprVPN on your phone Click on Login and enter the temporary email and your password. Click on login, you will be ask to enter a verification code Now back to emailondeck.com and check if you’ve receive your verification code, if not just click resend confirmation code. Enter the code and hit connect.👍 You can repeat the above steps many times. CREDITS: UNKNOWN

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